2017Internet+ Bank Digitized Risk Management Innovation Summit 2017.03.17

Why attending?

As bank’s profits remain tumbling, the most difficult time for banking has arrived. The amount and proportion of non-performing loans have increased. Under the circumstances, risk management has become the primary concern for China bankers. As the banking industry veteran said, non-performing loans in banking sectors has not hit the bottom, the risk has not fully released. Now is the critical period risk management. In this new transition period, banks should pay attention to the mismatch between current profits and risk hysteresis.

  • Comparing the rise and prosperity of the internet finance and the changes of consumer spending habits and psychology, where will the bank innovation go?
  • Whether innovation in micro-finance and consumer finance will become a breakthrough in this period?
  • How will commercial banks build a data-centered ecosystem, utilize a multiplier effect of the digital business platform, as well as enhance the ability of digital management?
  • How will banks use the mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and other modern technological means to enhance risk control and establish a new risk management system to adapt to light assets, light capital and the characteristics of innovation oriented enterprises?
  • The summit will discuss from these two main line: “banking business innovation” and “Internet technology tools combined with the establishment of a new type of risk control system”.


14:30~15:30 Registraton
15:30~17:30 Business Match
18:00~20:00 Dinner Gala
7:30~8:30 Registraton & Morning Networking
8:55~9:00 Welcome Remarks
9:00~9:30 Keynote:
Banking industry is facing with the most severe toxic asset pressure,tumbling business growth, how banks get out of trouble?
9:30~9:50 Keynote:
Big data credit investgaton–powerful shield of banking risk management andbusiness growth
  • The authentcity of the data, mining company real data
  • The analytc strategy of big data risk management
9:50~10:10 Keynote:
Supply chain risk control manages traditional financial risks
10:10~10:40 Keynote:
From risk control to the whole staff, the whole product, the whole process of comprehensive risk management
10:40~11:10 Tea Break
11:10~11:30 Keynote:
Before and post loan review and control of credit risk Sponsor reserved
11:30~11:40 Innovation Spotlight
11:40~11:50 Innovation Spotlight
11:50~12:00 Innovation Spotlight
12:00~12:30 Keynote:
Financial innovation and risk management, stick to the nature of finance
  • The core of internet finance innovation is risk management
  • Micro-finance is the way out
  • Consumer finance and supply chain finance innovation
12:30~13:40 Luncheon
13:40~14:10 Keynote:
The capacity uplifting of risk management officer
  • The importance of digital risk management leadership in the digital era
  • Blend into the economic environment
  • Develop thinking, really understand the operation model of new type enterprises
  • Leverage new technology analysis such as big data technology, etc.
14:10~14:30 Keynote:
Based on massive business data and big data analysis, identify fraud to ensure business security; public opinion big data’s application in financial risk management
14:30~14:50 Real-time risk monitoring and underground property analysis in bank card risk management
14:50~15:20 Keynote:
Based on risk management - bank financial innovation
15:20~15:40 Tea Break
15:40~16:20 Panel Discussion:
Risk management and financial innovation in the ‘Internet+’ era
  • The cooperation of risk management and business department
  • How to become a risk management master, the capacity building, macroscopical estimation, technical capacity, etc.
  • How to coordinate the development of digital bank
  • Case sharing: risk management in financial innovation
16:20 Closing

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  • Challenges from FinTech
  • Blockchain technology application
  • Omni-channel customer experience
  • Big data and cloud banking
  • Credit report crisis
  • Mobile payments
  • Cybersecurity

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