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Service Overview

Summit Events & Innovative Enterprise Visits

Participate in industry iconic summits hosted by DC, such as China Enterprise Digital Transformation and CXO Summit, Global Marketing Technology Summit, Digital CMO Summit, Asia-Pacific Fin-tech Innovation Summit, Finance Technology Innovation Asia Summit, Asia Bank Digital Transformation & Tech Innovation Summit, APAC Bank Digital Transformation & Risk Innovation Summit, etc. Visit representative technology innovation enterprises and communicate with experts from various industries and perfect digital strategy as well.

Communicate with Experts from Various Fields

Clients from all industries can communicate with the corresponding experts to gain insight. Our expert team consists of more than 10,000 industry authorities; they will answer the most challengeable questions from clients despite the busy schedule. From these questions, expert team members can share industry knowledge with top enterprises, including new retail, new manufacturing, fin-tech and business service, medical treatment and health, education, IT, law, economy and regulation, real estate, etc. Clients can do consultation with experts by telephone or one-on-one communication. Group meeting, long-term project or special consultation is also available. The participating program and method is decided by experts.

Enterprise Digital Transformation Innovation Consultation

Integrate enterprise development demands, decide consultation direction, practical cases, get through the channels, markets and technologies to ensure a steady growth of enterprises in the digital era.

Technical Scouting & Digital Venture Capital Investment

According to enterprise business requirements, we will rapidly match the most suitable innovative solutions from home and abroad to optimize the business process of the various departments. Help enterprise to establish and perfect ecosphere, seek for innovative enterprises or teams to invest or merge.