More and more enterprises are changing their mode by technology since they have to keep up with the development of times. Today’s technology is developing so fast that the role of IT department is becoming more and more important. CIOs need to take advantage of their skills to expand opportunities and make enterprises run fast. For today’s CIOs, promoting innovation becomes their daily jobs, especially those who can bring new values. They are facing a new challenge: How to balance resource and fewer budgets to satisfy their enterprise’s demands.

On the other hand, information security is always a hot topic. With informationizing economic society and developing technology, information security is facing new challenges. In recent years, “Cloud” and “Mobile Equipment” already become popular topics in the global information technology field. Enterprises are facing various potential risks when gained the benefits from information; huge amounts of data were transferred to mobile equipments which are out of users’ control. Therefore, to ensure the security of storing huge amounts of data is the most important task now.



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